VSNMobil, V.Alert: Review

VSNMobil, V.Alert: Review

The Basics

Product name: V.Alert 

Manufacturer / Distributor: VSN Mobil

Compilation: Q4 2015


This page contains our VSN Mobil | V.Alert review.



Analyst Summary: VSN Mobil | V.Alert

A little different, this PERS is a stylish pendant that uses a smartphone as its "base station". It also claims to have a fall detection capability.

There are pluses and minuses about this concept, and whether it works will depend on a particular person's lifestyle.

The pendant itself is small and not ugly, and that is a big plus as it makes it more likely that one will have it on when it is needed. In order to be useful, it needs to be within 70 ft of a smartphone to which it has been "paired". So, unless you typically carry your smartphone with you, this is not a good idea. But for those who always have a smartphone nearby and charged, but want a "wearable" rather than an App, this concept looks promising.

It is a "go anywhere" concept, because the cell phone works wherever there is cell coverage. Because the wearable is waterproof, you can use it while in the shower etc, where a typical cell phone plus emergency alert App is not so useful.

The pendant itself does not know where it is, but relies on the GPS capability of the cell phone, which typically does know where it is. When you press the button, the system transmits location to the responders.

This system does NOT come with a 24/7 monitoring service. It is designed to send texts and calls to family and friends that you set up. Surprisingly, it does not seem to call 911. This also means it does not have a monthly fee. Just a cost to buy.

We bought this from the company for $20 plus shipping and are going to try it out and report back. We notice it has quite a few unenthusiastic reviews on Amazon so it will be interesting to see how well they have executed the concept.




By: Richard Caro.  Updated: June 21, 2016.


I really wanted to like this product. I think the concept and form factor are great. I think there is a certain type of person (one who always carries a smartphone) for whom this concept is perfect.

HOWEVER, the implementation of the product seems flawed and we cannot recommend it.

There were several big issues.

  1. The Bluetooth pairing with my phone kept dropping out. This meant that you could never be sure whether or not the button was actually connected to the phone. This is a show stopper for me.
  2. The App on the phone keeps beeping. I think it is trying to tell you you have moved out of range of the button, or the pairing has stopped or something. There are a number of settings relating to this in the App, but even after playing with them the App seemed to be always beeping at me for reasons I did not understand.

The basic functionality of calling a friend seemed to work pretty well. But I was so put off by the 2 issues above I did not really test other aspects of this product very thoroughly. Sorry.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



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