Tempo, CarePredict: Review

The Basics

Product name: Tempo 

Manufacturer / Distributor: CarePredict


This page contains our CarePredict | Tempo review.



Analyst Summary: CarePredict Tempo

The Basics

COMPANY CarePredict™
Compilation date 9/1/14
Website http://carepredict.com


Background Factoids


Startup based in Florida. Early stage.

Analyst Notes

  • Tracks activity, and uses beacons to decide where activity is happening.
  • So can differentiate between lying in bathroom and lying in living room. Might add considerable power. Also may give insights into activity and health.
  • Quite different approach to most of the companies currently in the space.
  • In pre-launch mode, and thus preferred not to discuss product specifications or pricing or other plans.
  • Running small ($10K) crowd funding capaign on Fundable. (https://www.fundable.com/tempo-by-carepredict)
  • Quite a bit of interesting material about the product at the Fundable website above.




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Last Updated: April 30, 2020.

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