Med Coach Medication App: Review

Med Coach Medication App

The Basics

Product name: Med Coach 

Manufacturer / Distributor: GreatCall

Compilation: July 2016


This page contains our GreatCall | Med Coach review.



Analyst Summary: GreatCall | Med Coach

Nice app with a medication database. However, searching the database was unreliable – sometimes our medication came up, sometimes not. Five repeated searches for amlodipine returned five different, and often incomplete, results.

This Medication App was one of the runners up for the Useful Apps Club selection in July 2016. Read our comparative analysis of medication apps for more details about our evaluations. 

More about our testing

Finding your medication using the search that MedCoach offers is key to using the app. We found MedCoach to be unreliable in our testing. We captured some screenshots to illustrate what we felt was flawed behavior.

We did two separate searches. One for albuterol, and one for hydrochlorothiazide.

In each case we repeated the search multiple times, and got different results.

Sometimes the search found the drug we wanted. Sometimes it did not. You can see the screenshots below.


Example 1. We tried to add Albuterol to the MedCoach app.

MedCoack Albuterol searches




Example 2. We tried to add Hydrochlorothiazide to the MedCoach app.

As with the albuterol example, several times the search function found the correct drug, but several times it came up blank.

Medcoach Search 2

This inconsistent performance was confusing to a user and deemed undesirable by our analyst, and was the primary reason this App did not make our "Explorer choice" short list for medication apps..


Download the App:

Note: This App no longer seems to be available for download. It is available as part of the services that come with GreatCall's Jitterbug phone.





Second reviewer comments

By: John Milford.  Updated: February 14, 2020.


Here is my report on the 4-week trial of the GreatCall MedCoach app: MedCoach iOS Smartphone App from GreatCall

Rating from Apple App Store: 2 Stars

First glance: 

Good: Attractive graphics using familiar GreatCall logo and graphic design. The ‘Help’ bubble at start is easy to find and to use within the app.

Bad: Getting started with loading the app is non-intuitive. Once into the app, the design of how to add medications is at first puzzling, and takes time to learn. Once mastered, the process is easy.

User Experience: 

Once learned, it is easy to add medications to the list. But the additional categories of requested information are annoying, as the app asks for far more information than seems necessary to operate as a medication reminder app (i.e. complete Pharmacy information, last refill date, number of doses in the bottle as of now, complete Physician information, History, etc., etc.

Setting the Dosing Schedule: The schedule easy to set up.

Additional feature: Prominent button at bottom of the app’s 'Desktop' for proprietary ‘Urgent Care MD 24/7’ access. 

Basic Functionality crashes: Reminders - The app initially does not remind or alert at the time of doses, but does keep a detailed list of missed doses. ‘Help Bubble’ used for online assistance - yielding no response.

Called Customer [email protected] – Representative "not familiar with the GreatCall MedCoach app", consulted with supervisor, and then recommended going online to establish a GreatCall account, instead of through the app.              

Big Problem: Creating a GreatCall account requires registration with a GreatCall phone number to activate the alert function. Repeated online attempts to open a GreatCall account failed without a GreatCall phone number.                                             



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from Robert White (unverified) at September 11, 2020

Is med coach app available at all


from Brenda Nuscher (unverified) at May 15, 2021

I have Apple phone and been using this app for years now with recent update doesn’t work and not in App Store. Any plans to update fir IOS usage 14.5.1?


from carolyn Cotter (unverified) at June 29, 2021

Same problem and the app has at least 4 years of my history. Is there anyway I can recover


from David Ritchie (unverified) at September 18, 2022

Since I updated my system to iso 16, I can’t do nothing with this app

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