Mango Health Medication App: Review

Mango Health Medication App

The Basics

Product name: Mango Health 

Manufacturer / Distributor: Mango Health

Compilation: July 2016


This page contains our Mango Health | Mango Health review.



Analyst Summary: Mango Health | Mango Health

A full featured app with some nice features; it was the only app to point out medication conflicts.

It provides discount offers on goods if you take all your medications on time, perhaps this provides some more motivation.

However, it is not possible to export any of the data that the app collects and this removed it from our consideration for the recommended app for our Useful Apps Club. 

This Medication App was one of the runners up for the Useful Apps Club selection in July 2016. Read our comparative analysis of medication apps for more details about our evaluations. 

One of the most interesting aspects of this App is its use of gamification techniques to try and improve a persons compliance with their medication regimen. This is an extremely interesting feature, but not one we have as yet tried to evaluate.

Second Reviewer Comments

By: John Milford.  Updated: May 26, 2017.


Rating from Apple App Store: 3.5 Stars

First glance: 

Good: Attractive graphics using iconic Mango logo and quality graphic design. Ease of initiation, including registration and med entry.

Bad: No problems.

User Experience: Mango Health offers an attractive and easy to use med management app that is helpful in giving information and instructions for each medication being tracked. No problems of any kind were encountered during the four weeks of testing.  Ease of use is apparent from the entry of the first medication. Overall, the process is simple and easily navigated. It is easy to add medications to the list.

Setting the Dosing Schedule: The schedule is simple to set up.

Reminders: Reminders are simple to set up, reliable, have the added advantage of ‘Last Chance’ reminders when the dose is 3.5 hours overdue. Compliance history is easy to access and editing of information is simple.

Additional feature: It offers additional reminders about healthy habits (activity, etc.) in addition to medication tracking.

Basic Functionality crashes: No problems encountered.

Test ended 2/22/2017.



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