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The Basics

Product name: Atlas5D 

Manufacturer / Distributor: Atlas5D

Compilation: Q4 2014


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Analyst Summary: Atlas5D | Atlas5D

The Basics

Compilation date 9/1/14


Update 2020: We believe this company is no loinger in existence.


Background Factoids


Boston-based startup. Early stage as a company, but product in pilots already.

Analyst Notes

  • Use image sensor on Android tablet. Potential for lots of additional analysis of things like gait and or falling. Not implemented yet though.
  • Quite early. Sounds rather promising for certain situations.
  • May be a bit expensive with initial low intensity monitoring capability (because includes tablet)? Unclear as yet.
  • Potential is in extra functionality that may come later.
  • Very clever approach to eliminate the stigma attached to use of cameras.
  • Limited in range. Clearly not trying to monitor the whole of a house, but focusing on one room where main action takes place.


Detailed Feature Set

Feature Type Product Characteristics
What job(s) does it do?  
Check Dad is generally OK. Watch for significant changes in daily routine. Yes
Automatically detect (& promptly alert on) specific adverse events Limited
Senior can summon help promptly in emergency No
Track wellness and health parameters Not yet
Reduce stress for in-home caregivers, and allow them to sleep (rest) without worrying. N/A
Type of Monitoring  
1. Check general daily routine is more or less "normal". Yes
2. Watch what they do and when they do it, and catch unusual activity patterns Activity (limited)
3. Detect specific (adverse) events (eg tub, stove, get out of bed) No
4. Detect falls automatically No
5. 24/7 Human monitoring of activity patterns and sensor alerts No
Normal vs Abnormal  
Who decides what abnormal is (for alert on absence of stuff)? User
Is there AI support to help learn what is normal?? No
Required Techie-ness to set up "normal vs abnormal" Low
Who is the first (second etc) responder?  
For system triggered alerts Designated "friend(s)"
For senior calls for help N/A
Sensor approach  
Sensor family High volume consumer sensors
Sensor types Image sensor built in to Android tablet
Senior interface  
Senior interface for general monitoring Simple feedback that shows it is "working"
Senior can summon help promptly in emergency: which approach? N/A
Friends & Family interface  
Activity time line streams for individual sensors Yes
Red/green/yellow for status for individual sensors No
Open API No
Friends & Family interface platforms Browser based.
Alert handling Very basic alerts for now
Ownership issues  
Ease of Use & service Not tested. Clearly a focus for the company.
Installation: DIY or Professional Consumer install
Privacy & Security  
Data center robustness and maturity Too soon to tell. Seem to care about this issue. Co-founder comments: "This is a core area of effort for Atlas5D. All of our internet traffic are encrypted according to extremely-high-grade, present-day standards. All user passwords are salted and hashed. Our systems are hosted on Amazon Web Services, the leader in the cloud hosting. We do not receive or keep sensitive user data, such as credit cards."
Who owns the data Unclear.
Privacy policy Not yet
Will it work in your house?  
Sensor range (max in air) 40-60 ft. Also, will not go through walls. Need line of sight.
Communication to data storage "cloud" (need at least one of these)  
Landline Not required
Cellular reception Not required
Home Internet & WiFi network Needed
Battery backup in base station (in case of power outage) Yes. Tablets have batteries on board.
Stage of deployment In Pilots (<100)
Company maturity & stability Early startup. Modest angel funding. No VC round yet.
Published studies showing "it works" No
Acquiring it (July 2014)  
Countries available (or soon to be available) USA
Two year costs* To be announced
Where to Buy it TBD. Currently in private beta in Boston. If interested, contact company.
* typically 6 sensor package if have that.  
Techie stuff  
Sensor to base station communication prototcols There really is no stand alone "base station". Each sensor is in its own "base station". So there is no communication from sensor to base station.




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