Alert1: Reviews and Company Overview

Alert 1 gets favorable reviews on various online review sites, and seems like it makes it to the top 10 or 20 vendors by online "buzz". They have a full range of medical alert systems.

  • A conventional "at-home" system, which also comes with an option fall detection pendant;
  • A small "mobile" pendant;
  • A somewhat larger fall detection, go-anywhere pendant that looks identical to the premium Guardian we tested from Medical Guardian.

Individual Product Reviews: Our Analysis


Alert1, Home Medical Alert: Review

Alert1, Home Medical Alert

These two medical alert systems are designed to work at home only, and are conceptually similar. The difference between them is whether they have a pendant with or without a fall detection alogrithm in it, and whether they connect to the responder via a landline or over the cellular network....



Kelsi Review

Alert1, Kelsi On-the-Go

This is an unusual mobile medical alert. While it does not have GPS location technology, or automatic fall detection capability, it has very long battery life (up to 30 days according to the manufacturer).

This product is actually the Freeus Belle, made by wholesaler Freeus, rebranded by...



On the Go fall Detection

Alert1, On-the-Go Fall Detection

This is a go anywhere mobile alert with fall detection. It is a direct competitor for the products we reviewed in our comparative evaluation of mobile medical alerts.

This is a rebranded version of the Belle+ made by...


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