Automate Joining a Zoom Meeting with Alexa

In a previous article, I described how to set up a Zoom meeting in your loved one’s calendar for their Echo Show. Using that setup, they can say “Alexa, join the meeting” and later “Yes” to confirm that they want to join.

Closed Captioning for Zoom Video Calls

Closed Captioning for Zoom Video Calls

You have been enjoying Zoom video calls with your loved one, but sometimes they have a problem understanding what you are saying. If you have wished for a closed captioning service on Zoom for the hard of hearing, I have a solution for you!

Instant Zoom Popup Meeting

While Zoom is a great free video chatting tool that runs on many platforms, it can be a bit daunting for your loved one when trying to join a Zoom Meeting. Here is a way to have an instant “popup” Zoom meeting, without the other person needing to fuss with an “invite link”.

Make Alexa Proactive: Create Routines

Make Alexa Proactive: Create Routines

Alexa Routines are small pieces of software that you can easily create, and which can make an Echo active rather than passive.

In other words, instead of requiring your parent to initiate an interaction with Alexa, you can automatically trigger an interaction in response to some predetermined stimulus — for example, a motion, a time of day, or a spoken phrase of your choice.

How to Use Zoom on Echo Show

How to Use Zoom on Echo Show

If you like using an Alexa device like the Echo Show, and want to join with others on a Zoom call using that device, now you can.

How to Use Alexa for Group Calls

On December 18, 2020, Amazon released an Alexa Group calling feature that allows up to seven (7) callers to be on the same Alexa call. Here is how to set it up and use it.

Watching Video Together Despite Distance

I wanted a solution that would let me and my sister (who lives far away) do some joint activities. We decided to try “joint watching” of a video. It worked rather well and we both enjoyed it, so I am sharing it here.

Control a TV with Voice or Pre-programmed Buttons

I found I needed different solutions, depending on exactly what problem the older adult in question had. 

Below, I describe three solutions — starting with a simple voice command to set the TV to a specific program; and escalating to special pre-programmed buttons that can be positioned near the TV and which, when pressed, automatically start the desired program.