Hands-free Zoom Meeting: Joining Without Using Your Voice

My mom still has a hard time remembering to join the scheduled Zoom Meeting.

Here is a solution that automates the joining of the scheduled Zoom Meeting… no more having to remember to join, no more listening for a notification, or even pushing a button!


Share Photos With Zoom

There is a feature available in Zoom that allows your loved one to select a series of photos to share with you. This is much better than holding physical photos in front of your camera during a Zoom meeting. 

View Someone Else’s Screen using Zoom

If you’ve had problems trying to explain to your remote loved one how to setup or use an application on their iPhone or iPad while talking to them on the phone, you may want to consider a solution that allows you to remotely view what is being shown on their screen. You can do that using Zoom.

Zoom Meetings on Mom’s TV

Zoom Meetings on Mom's TV

Although my mom really does enjoy video calls from me on her Echo Show, I have problems getting the rest of my family members interested in Alexa Calling as they are only familiar with Zoom calls. I arranged it so my Mom can Zoom on her big screen TYV. Here is how to do it.

Making It Easier to Command Alexa

Remembering the specific name of lights in each room can prove difficult, even when we use them daily! Here are solutions to that issue.

Alexa Calendaring

A partial solution to this problem is to create an Alexa Calendar for your parent. Here is a detailed "How to" published by Frank Engelman on Tech-enhanced Life.

Add a Calendar to Alexa for Your Parent

Add a Calendar to Alexa for Your Parent

This solution is for people who want to be able to help a parent with appointments; or possibly enter joint appointments into a calendar that they are able to see; or generally facilitate them being able to use Alexa for calendaring issues.

How to Share Photos on Echo Show

How to Share Photos on Echo Show

We have recently been exploring ways to leverage “shared photos” as another way to encourage remote interactions among family members, and we wanted to find ways that an Echo Show could be used for photo sharing. The good news: there are several ways to do that, and this solution explains how.