Solution: View Someone Else's Screen using Zoom

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: August 27, 2021.


The Problem: Parent's Computer or Phone "Not Working"

Helping family members who are technology-adverse, with their technical problems, has always been tough, but becomes even harder when they are remotely located or in an isolated facility. Part of the problem of remote support is “seeing” what they are seeing and “controlling” what they are doing..... More about the Problem


Solution: View Someone Else's Screen using Zoom

If you’ve had problems trying to explain to your remote loved one how to setup or use an application on their iPhone or iPad while talking to them on the phone, you may want to consider a solution that allows you to remotely view what is being shown on their screen. You can do that using Zoom.

If you are familiar with hosting Zoom meetings, you may already know how to share your screen with attendees. But did you know that you can configure your non-paid Zoom account to allow attendees to share their screen?

This is a great way to see exactly what your loved one is seeing on their iPhone/iPad when they are having difficulties.

Of course, you will need to get them to install the Zoom app on their device, but they do not need to create a Zoom account.

Here is how to view your loved one's screen (on an iPhone or iPad for example) using Zoom.


How To Instructions

Follow these steps.


Meeting Host Instructions (One time setup)

  • Use a web browser to log into Zoom with your Zoom account
  • Go to the Zoom Settings page


screenshot 1

  • Scroll down to “Screen Sharing”
    • Enable these settings and Save



Meeting attendee instructions

(using an iPhone or iPad to share your screen)

Preparing your iPhone/iPad for screen sharing (One time setup)

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Control Center



  • If Screen Recording is NOT showing up under “Included Controls”
    • Scroll down to “More Controls”
    • Tap the “+ next to “Screen Sharing”
    • Verify that it now shows up under “Included Controls”


Once that is setup, you perform the following steps during each Zoom meeting

While in the meeting and when the Host says that sharing is enabled


screenshot 2

  • Tap the screen to show the menu bar
  • Tap the “share content” icon


screenshot 3


  • Tap “Screen”


screenshot 4


  • Tap “Start Broadcast”


Screenshot 5


  • Tap the iPhone/iPad “Home button”



screenshot 6


  • You can now see your loved one’s screen


screenshot 7


  • You can end the sharing for your loved one or they can double-click to bring up this screen.



Tips & Tricks

  • This may seem complicated at first, but after a while the on-screen prompts will make sense
  • If you experience problems setting this up, please review the latest Zoom meeting IOS support article.



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