Solution: Team Viewer for remote view/control of Computers

By: StevenJHayashi. Updated: March 03, 2021.

The Problem: Parent's Computer or Phone "Not Working"

Helping family members who are technology-adverse, with their technical problems, has always been tough, but becomes even harder when they are remotely located or in an isolated facility. Part of the problem of remote support is “seeing” what they are seeing and “controlling” what they are doing..... More about the Problem


Solution: Team Viewer for remote view/control of Computers

Team Viewer is a piece of software that lets you take control remotely of someone else's computer.

  • There is a free version for "private noncommercial use", and a paid version for other situations.

You can see the Team Viewer website here.


Here is what they say on their website:

"TeamViewer is a comprehensive remote access, remote control, and remote support solution that works with almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. TeamViewer lets you remote in to computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world and use them as though you were there. Plus, you can remotely connect to servers, commercial-grade machines, and IoT devices from anywhere, at any time through our secure global remote access network."


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from faengelm (member) at December 01, 2020

Note to anyone considering using these solutions for remote control of their loved one’s iPad or iPhone.

I checked with both TeamViewer Sales and Splashtop Sales, and they both confirm that they support “view-only” on IOS devices.

You can see the iPhone/iPad screen but not control it.

They say that ONLY Apple tech support can remotely control an IOS device

However, they both can remotely control certain Android tablets. Be sure to check with them to see if your tablet is supported, as this requires a paid service


from Allynn (member) at December 07, 2020

No, Apple Tech Support aren't the only people who can control an IOS device; not by a long shot!  I use NoMachine (  It's totally free, open source, and works on absolutely everything including IOS phones, iPads, Linux, Windows, Android, even Rasberry Pi!  I use it regularly at work to control Ichabod, (our headless Mac) and also to access my home computer (also a Mac) from my Windows work machine.  Of course, you still need to install it on the other computer and if, as often happens, the IP changes you would need the updated address but this is true of any remote log-in software.


from faengelm (member) at December 07, 2020

Hi Allynn,

This is great news. Just to be clear, I want to control the iPad from another device, not use the iPad to control another device.

I looked at the website and don't see a description on how to do that.

Please describe how to configure it so that I can use a device in my home to control my aunt's iPad at a remote location.



from Allynn (member) at December 07, 2020

Okay.. so NOT as easy as NoMachine says it is!  Stay tuned!  I think I've found something else.  I'll post as soon as I know something


from Allynn (member) at December 08, 2020

Looks like Apple is trying really, REALLY hard to not let people remote in to IOS devices.  I suspect this is all in aid of Apple's highly touted security.  But, of course, there *are* ways around it.

First choice is to "jailbreak" the iPad and use VNC.  I wouldn't recommend this simply because it would negate not only the warranty but (more importantly) the security but I do believe it would work.

The second choice would be to use developer software.  I just found IOS Gateway: that seems to offer a solution without jailbreaking.  From the developer: "How iOS Gateway Works: The iOS Gateway works as a VNC server (from the IP address of the Mac where it is running). When you connect to that Mac from Eggplant Functional, you can see and control your iOS device."   All of this sounds like more trouble than it's worth! 

You could certainly see your Aunt's iPad screen as she interats with it by using TeamViewer (even the free version).  Do you think she could follow your instructions if you were on the phone with her while screen sharing?  Is this something you would have to do regularly?  Or only very occassionally? 


from faengelm (member) at December 08, 2020

Hello Allynn,

Thanks for all your research on this. I was just trying to get a confirmation that there was no easy way to do this short of jailbreaking or having a Mac at the loved one’s home.

I’ve been writing a series of articles aimed at family members wanting to help their remote loved one setup and maintain their devices. Every once in a while, I’ll find something that says you can “remote control an IOS device”, just like you can with an Android device

I only want to promote solutions that a family member can easily use, such as the TeamViewer, Splashtop or even sharing the loved one’s screen in Zoom for phone-based guided support.

I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing some secret sauce



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