How to Use Zoom on Echo Show

By:  Frank Engelman   |  Posted: December 24, 2020   |  Updated: April 27, 2023

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The Problem to be Solved

Need Help Making Alexa Useful

Need Help Making Alexa Useful

I am setting up Alexa for my parent who lives at a distance. I am unsure what features to include, or how to set it up so it is as useful as possible.

Solution Details


If you like using an Alexa device like the Echo Show, and want to join with others on a Zoom call using that device, now you can.

Amazon just released support for Zoom calls on only ONE device, the Echo Show 8.

Many people prefer using Zoom because of its many features such as being available on most popular devices as well as good screen real estate management and the support of shared desktops for presentations.

(If you prefer to use the built in group calling of the Alexa products, see my “how to” article here).


Amazon’s Implementation of Zoom

In my opinion, Amazon has done an excellent implementation of Zoom, including the standard Zoom features such as speaker highlight and a full-screen display when someone is sharing their screen.

It also removes some of the things that may have annoyed your Dad in Zoom meetings, such as having to turn on video & audio when joining a Zoom Call. Those settings are on by default, making this more like an instant call from FaceTime or Google Duo.

Here are some happy Senior Zoomers meeting on the Echo Show 8.



Here is a YouTube video of it in action


But; there are a few steps involved in making this work, which we will detail below:



Set Up Instructions

Please note the requirements:

  • ONLY Echo Show 8 in the US! (as of this writing)
  • Dad must have a calendar account linked to Alexa
  • Zoom invitations MUST be sent to Dad’s Calendar (don’t just email an unscheduled link)


While you don’t need to set up a Zoom account for your Dad, adding one can make it easier if you also plan to use Instant Zoom calls with Dad on a non-Amazon Echo device. We will be detailing how to do Instant Zoom Calls in a future article.

One of the first requirements for doing Zoom Calls on Dad’s Echo Show 8 is that you need to associate Dad’s Calendar with Dad’s Alexa account. You also could ask, “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?” and she will email a calendar setup link to your Dad’s account.

Alexa can support both Goggle Calendars and Apple Calendars, but we suggest using the Google Calendar for your Dad for two reasons. First, it’s much easier to set up in Alexa. Secondly, all Zoom scheduled invitations are automatically added to your Dad’s Alexa Calendar. Dad MUST click on Apple Calendar invitations in emails he receives to actually add them to Alexa’s Calendar. Don’t worry if he is already using the Apple Calendar with Alexa, as it can simultaneously support BOTH calendars.



The first Requirement- add a Calendar to Alexa

Here are the steps required when using a Google Calendar.

Open the Alexa app on Dad’s mobile device:

  • Tap More
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Calendar & Email
  • Tap Add Account
  • Tap Google “+”
  • Tap “YES, THAT’S ME”
  • Tap Next to allow
  • Fill in Dad’s Google account info
  • Tap Allow
  • Look for message Account Added
  • Tap Done


Here are the steps required when using an Apple Calendar

We assume you have already set up an Apple Calendar for them on their mobile device. If they don’t have a Calendar, please consider using Google Calendar as it’s much easier to set up as it requires two-factor authentication and a 16-digit app-id.

The following steps assume they have an Apple mobile device. Open the Alexa app on Dad’s mobile device:

  • Tap More
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Calendar & Email
  • Tap Apple “+”
  • Tap “YES, THAT’S ME”
  • Tap Next to allow


  • Tap Next to turn on two-factor authentication


  • Follow the above steps
  • Tap Add Apple Calendar


  • Tap Add Apple Calendar
  • Fill in the info
  • Tap sign in



The second Requirement- send ONLY Scheduled invitations

Instead of the usual way of sending Dad an email with a Zoom link for the meeting, you will need to send him a calendar invitation ahead of the meeting time. Using this approach’s real beauty is that the calendar invite will automatically appear in their Google Calendar without your Dad having to click on anything. It also appears as an email, and he can still click to save it if he chooses to without harm.

The good news about having the meeting invitation in Dad’s Calendar is that it is easy to find rather than having him search through misplaced emails for a Zoom link. Also, his Alexa Calendar can remind him of the upcoming Zoom meeting.

Here is how to set up a scheduled Zoom meeting, as shown on a PC running Outlook:

  • Chose Schedule


  • Choose Other Calendars and Click Save


  • Choose “open with default calendar (.ics)


  • Add in the meeting attendees and send the invitation
    • NOTE: I found it a best practice to include yourself in the invitation, This seems to really help on Apple Calendars.
    • Add a message to click on the invitation to add to the Calendar, if recipients are using Apple Calendar
    • Google Calendar users do NOT have to click on the email invitation.


  • Click Send Update



Final Steps on Your Dad’s Echo Show

After his Echo Show 8 is set up and has accepted the first meeting, all your Dad will have to do to join any future meeting is to say:

“Alexa, join the meeting”

However, the first time joining a meeting, there are a few extra screens, and they may be confusing. Here is how to handle Dad’s first Zoom meeting:

  • Schedule a Zoom meeting and send the calendar invitation
    • Apple Calendar users must accept the invitation in email
    • Note that he can’t join the meeting until it’s past the start time as Alexa will say there is no meeting
  • On your Dad’s Echo Show 8
    • Say “Alexa, join the Zoom meeting”
      • If Alexa doesn’t see the meeting, check to be it’s added your Dad’s Calendar.
        • Just say “Alexa, what’s on my Calendar?”
        • If you haven’t added the Calendar, Alexa can guide you through this.
          • Be sure to closely follow the above steps on adding a Calendar
    • Alexa will ask, “Do you want to join the xxxx Zoom meeting?
    • Allow Zoom to take pictures, record video, and record audio (only needed the first time)
    • There is no need for your Dad to login into a Zoom account, as it will automatically happen if he wants a few seconds
      • He will be auto accepted if it’s a scheduled meeting
    • He can just say “Alexa, hang up” when finished
      • He can also say “Alexa, go home” if he doesn’t want to wait for the main screen to return in a couple of minutes

Note that once the initial Zoom meeting has occurred, your Dad can just say, “Alexa, join the meeting” as Zoom is now the default


Usage Tips

With an ACTIVE calendar event in Dad’s Calendar, all he needs to do to open Zoom is “Alexa, join the meeting.”

Note, he CAN NOT say this BEFORE the meeting has started! If he asks to join too soon, Alexa will say, “There is no meeting on the calendar; what is your Zoom Meeting ID?” which can be very confusing. Alexa will only recognize Zoom meetings in progress. Don’t forget about time zones.

The Zoom preferred method for joining a meeting may be too difficult for your Dad, and we find that step unnecessary. They want you to sign into the Zoom account and set up a 6-digit password to join a call. Their second method is to enter a meeting ID and password.

We find it much easier to use the Guest Access method. Your Dad will show up as his Amazon Account name when he requests joining the meeting so that you will know it’s him

One interesting side effect for the meeting organizer is that Dad’s joining will be auto accepted when he joins the meeting in progress, as it’s a scheduled meeting.



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