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I reside in Delaware. My mother in Maryland. I bought my mother and Echo Show and used your instructions (I believe last years instruction) to set her up in her Assisted Living residence. I acquired an email account, an amazon account and google voice number. It worked great. However, as of a month ago, whenever one of the four siblings call her, it doesn’t connect and drops the call. Same if she calls us. It disconnects. So I visited and took the unit home, however, hooked it to my WiFi, and to my surprise it worked perfectly. So I took it back, changed the WiFi address and password to that of the facility and again I won’t make calls, it drops them. The facility is being of no help. They say it’s not a problem on their end, it’s the machine. To me, doesn’t make sense since it worked perfectly at my house. I’ve done a factory reset and unplugged the unit, but no change. Can you come up with any idea as to what is wrong. Please know that Alexa will respond with a joke or time, etc. Just can’t make video calls.