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A couple of suggestions. We have gone through a similar situation. The ways we are trying to streamline things relate to the money and to the ordering. Whether these ideas will work will depend on the tech savvyness of the person of course.

1. We have tried various online approaches (eg Paypal, Venmo, Online bank transfer) as a way to get payment from the people for whom we are buying groceries. While there is a bit of setting up required, once that is done we just send them the bill for each order and they send payment. No checks needed. Of course, you need to trust each other.

2. We are trying to get the people who need the groceries to set up their own account and place their own orders. But some are managing better than others.

It's also interesting to swap notes about the different delivery services. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are finding delays, and a lack of delivery slots at present (March 28th 2020).