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Unfortunately, all you can have is my opinion on your questions about the 335 person retirement community I live in so here goes.

We are all home for the better part of every day in our apartments & I have the two thermostats in our apartment set on AUTO and 72 degrees so no need to fool with the HVAC. I also have a remote control ceiling fan in the bedroom which can make the room feel cooler if desired. Our monthly bill covers all of the utilities as well as all the great services, a large food allowance, etc.

Many of the residents here have children in the area and also grandchildren and great grandchildren and there is a lot of family visiting here and at family homes. The young family members all seem to help the residents with tech problems or offerings. They also suggest new apps to residents. This constant family visiting probably negates - for most - needing video calling or family Zoom calls. If they want to cell phone face time, our IT tech can help with that as well as the grandkids.

The building I live in has 95 residents in it and I get around 25 (26%) attending my monthly Zoom meeting for the building which includes a fun focus question. The building is only 2.5 years old so all of us living in it are newcomers to this retirement community and most of us are younger than the rest of the community where many have been here for over 12 years. Our building is the only one that has a Zoom meeting. About a third of the residents in my building have no tech interest in learning or using Zoom. About a third could Zoom but choose not to and the final third log on and enjoy the Zoom meetings. In the rest of the community there seems to be virtually no interest at all in Zoom meetings for the other buildings. Seems the older residents have far less interest in tech in general than we newcomers. My wife & I have an average age of 80.

Just my two cents on tech here. Cheers Pete K.