Retirement Community vs “At Home”

Five years ago, when I started research on staying in our large home vs. a retirement community, I lost my appetite quickly about my wife & I staying in our home. I lost interest because: 1. I found local programs to take us to doctors & get nursing help at home as needed, but none … Read more

How a Continuing Care Retirement Community Works

CCRC Finances

How a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) works is a question that often pops up when our explorer discussions turn to where and how to live as one gets older. This article explains how this model of retirement living works, and discusses their financial model.

Retirement & Senior Living Choices: A Guide

choices: retirement living & senior living options and costs

Whether you call it senior living, retirement living, aging in place, or just finding a nice place to live when you get a bit older, where and how to live is a super important question for older adults. There is a great deal of information on the Internet about the more traditional types of retirement … Read more

Where & How We Want to Live

where and how do boomers retire

  Where and how we want to live as we age has been the subject of quite a few of our Longevity Explorer discussions, especially in those circles made up of Boomers. Many of the Boomer explorers are wondering if they should move, and to which type of living situation? Should it be a retirement village, … Read more

Retirement Living Options

Housing Options, Retirement Living

When it comes to retirement living options, the question of whether to stay at home or to move often looms large. Here are the things to consider so you make the right decision.

Retirement Living: Comparison Matrix & Talk

Choosing different retirement living options

There are a variety of retirement living “business model” options for a person living independently at home to consider when weighing whether to stay or move, as described in this recent article (Retirement Living Options). They vary from staying put and joining a village for companionship and support services to purchasing a place and moving … Read more

Retirement Community Costs: How Much?

Retirement Community Costs: Rolling the Dice

At the outset, the greatest barrier to moving into a retirement community can be the cost. Therefore, most homeowners and renters find it attractive to age in place at home in the community where friends and services are nearby. However, the cost of remaining at home can become very high in the later stages compared to some of the alternatives.

Life Stage Denial

Life stage denial

Many who are standing at the brink of change in later life – though still active, social, and financially secure -survey the changes in lifestyle that could mitigate the ravages of older age and become frozen and unable to make a decision, thinking that taking action makes sense, but “I’m not ready yet.”

The Village Movement

Service Area  San Francisco Village serves all of San Francisco. We have members in over 20 neighborhoods throughout the city.

Villages are a non-profit subscription membership network of individuals over 60 who want to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods – neighbors realistic about the transitions that come with getting older – committed to helping each other when there’s a need.