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After reading the comments, I feel like I must be missing something when it comes to front-closing bras. Or maybe I just do it wrong. I tore my rotator cuff a while back, and while it has healed, I find front-closing bras much more problematic than back-closing ones. With a traditional bra, you can wrap it around your waist with your arms kept low, fix the hooks, spin it around, pull it up, put your arms in and adjust, all without a whole lot of stress on your upper arms or shoulders. The few times I tried front-closing bras, I thought it required a lot more arching of the shoulders to put it on in the first place. I like Playtex and Bali, but it's low hanging fruit. I'm small chested but heavy, and they're the only brands I can regularly find in 42B. My go-to bras are Playtex 18 Hour or Bali Double Support.