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Hello Abigail,

Thank you for the excellent post describing all you have done with Alexa and how it has improved your life.  I wanted to let you know we have several other articles on using Alexa, Echo Show, and Fire TV that may be of interest. I think you might find the one on making Alexa proactive interesting. That is an impressive collection of Routines you have already created!

If you have your grandson in your Alexa Contacts with a nickname of “Tommy”, you can call him by saying “Alexa, call Tommy”. If he installs the Alexa app on his smartphone, you can have video calls with him.

Several ways to interact with your TV.

A collection of other ideas

A way for your family to be notified if you don’t get up on your normal schedule.

A collection of articles.

An Alexa Skill to help manage sleep time.


You mentioned using Tile tags. Have you tired using Alexa to locate those Tile tags? Did you know Alexa can even find your phone?

I’m working on some articles about easily sharing calendars and family photos on the Echo Show.

Thanks again for your great post. I’m sure many readers will find it useful.