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from: Longevity Explorers | Cincinnati

Discussion Summary

Scams and Harassing Phone Calls - Bayley July 2019 by Longevity Explorers | Recent @ Cincinnati

We start with a quick recap of what we talked about last time regarding scams and harassing phone calls.  I also quickly mention a couple of interesting examples found on the Tech-enhanced Life website.

One Explorer describes an email she got from someone she knows that said she’d like some help with gift cards.  It was not her friend; it was a scam.  Scammers had tapped into her contacts and sent emails from her contacts.

Some other examples mentioned by the Explorers include:

  • A phone call after her husband’s death asking for yearly membership for their computer maintenance; maintenance which they had never had before.  Scammers read the obituaries.
  • Phone calls to your home that show your own home phone number as the calling number when they call to scam.
  • Calls ‘to grandma’ that grandchild needs money.  ‘Don’t tell Mom though.’
  • Got a call to be a co-signer from a dealership, where someone had tried to use her credit card to help co-sign at a dealership.
  • Phone call to inform you that you are having a problem on your computer, but you have never reported any problem.
  • An email from Apple, but it wasn’t Apple.
  • Information received from Social Security included the listing of her Medicare number.  This could be dangerous if in the wrong hands.  When she worked in the hospital, they had a lot of people that had fake Medicare numbers.
  • Scam from the Messenger app too.  A request for money from her friend, but there was no way her friend would do that; especially on Messenger.

It was believed that the Ohio attorney general was the office to report scamming activity.


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