Passavant explorers evaluate "TV Ears"

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Discussion Summary

The Test Pilots/Passavant Community Longevity Explorers Circle evaluated the product "TV Ears" at their October 2019 meeting. Here are the results.


Test Pilots Evaluation Summary: TV ears


Product Description

TV Ears® helps people with hearing loss enjoy their favorite television shows and movies without disturbing others. The Voice Clarifying Circuitry® reduces background noise and clarifies hard to hear television dialog.


Practicality/Usefulness:   3/3


  • Helpful for enjoying TV when others do not have a hearing disability
  • Speech is clarified
  • Good for people with different hearing needs in the same room
  • Perfect for TV when alone
  • Easy to use/nice, clear direction book
  • Very easy to use – even with my hearing aids – made sound from TV clearer


Effectiveness:   3/3


  • Good clarity
  • Very effective
  • Clear sounding as long as you face the TV box
  • I LOVE TV Ears
  • Adjustable volume with very good clarity


Senior Friendly Design:   2.67/3


  • No problem, some people would prefer to have white buttons
  • Easy to handle
  • Can use with hearing aids in
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Light weight design was easy to wear
  • Must be connected to TV
  • When moving some evaluators heard static


Would purchase (if needed for hearing loss):   9/9 evaluators


  • Very Good Product
  • Love it!




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