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from: Longevity Explorers | Providence

Discussion Summary

LE June 2019 Essential Apps for Elders by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence

Led by Ronda Sciolto, a member of the Steering Committee of the Providence Circle, the June meeting focused on technology, particularly on apps (or applications) that are particularly useful. Ronda worked in technology for many years and is the founder of “Help Me, Ronda,” a business that has the goal of helping non-digital natives thrive in a digital world by reducing barriers to using the tools of technology and making it simple.

After reminding us of the reductions in space and weight from the 1946 ENIAC computer to the phone we can hold in our hands, Ronda turned to an open discussion of the most valuable of the many apps now available. Over two million apps for iPhones and IPads are in the App Store and the Google Playstore has as many choices. With millions of apps to choose from, how does one find the best app for oneself?

Ronda has narrowed down the choices and created a list of “Essential Apps for Elders,” which is included below. She also recommended another “excellent resource”: the “useful apps club,” which one can subscribe to on the Tech-enhanced Life website. Circle members were also encouraged to share their favorite apps during the discussion.

Mirroring her iPhone on a screen, Ronda demonstrated some of the basics of finding and using apps. The wide-ranging question and answer session included the distinctions between free and paid apps, whether one can have too many apps, whether apps drain battery life, the availability and usefulness of ICE (in case of emergency) in the I-Phone Health app, which needs to be set up, organizing apps into folders, and much more.

For reading, games, information, memory joggers, and things we haven’t thought of yet, there is or will be an app for that.


Essential Apps for Elders

from Ronda Sciolto, founder of "Help me Ronda"


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Download Essential Apps for Elders (PDF)

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