Brainstorming: Getting into the car more easily

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Discussion Summary

At this month's Aging in Place Technologies Meetup we had a brainstorming session on aids for getting in and out of the car more easily when afflicted with some of the physical limitations that come with age.

You can listen to the entire discussion below.

We started with a demonstration of several existing products that fall short of being perfect, and went on to dream up various ideas for improving them, or doing it differently.

Most of the discussion was about gadgets that you could use to help get in and out of the car better. But one of our regular Meetup attendees (Naomi S.) told us about an interesting product available in Japan: a car seat that rotates and allows very easy access.

The picture on the top of this post is of that car from Daihatsu (learn more here (PDF):

See more about the car with the moving seat at this website page.


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