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LogicMark makes several medical alert systems, some of which are "monitored" and some of which are unmonitored. The systems seem to be available only through dealers, as LogicMark is a wholesaler. We tracked down some dealers, and include the offerings they have in this database too, but confusingly they often have different names for the same products.

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LogicMark, Caretaker Sentry: Review

LogicMark, Caretaker Sentry

This product is an at-home system. It can (optionally) have a pendant that allows 2 way voice through the pendant.



LogicMark, Freedom Alert: Review

LogicMark, Freedom Alert

This product is an example of a PERS that contacts family or friends directly when you push the alert button, or calls 911. It does not go to a 24/7 monitoring center, and thus it comes with no monthly fee.



LogicMark, Guardian Alert: Review

LogicMark, Guardian Alert

Guardian Alert is a non-monitored emergency alert pendant. When you press the emergency pendant button, the system calls 911 directly.


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