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Smart, disposable adult briefs to screen for urinary tract infections and track hydration.

"Once a day you or a caregiver can scan the front of a wet Pixie Brief with a phone or tablet.  It takes less than ten seconds from start to finish. Our algorithms instantly begin to analyze the data.

By taking useful data from a wet Pixie Brief, we make use of something that would normally be thrown directly into the trash.  Pixie Briefs and our application will automatically look for emerging trends in your loved  one's health and will alert you to certain conditions that may require attention of a physician."

  • Quotes from their website:
  • "My mother-in-law is now in the advanced stage of Alzheimer's disease and has been suffering with recurring UTI's. As she is now unable to communicate effectively with caregivers, it has been challenging dealing with this issue." 
  • "My mother has Alzheimers and is unable to converse with us.  She consistently gets urinary tract infections which exposes itself as tremor like symptoms. I consider this idea to be an excellent tool because we could get results before the condition is full blown."
  • "My 88 year-old mother is being discharged from the hospital this morning.  She was admitted after a fall and was diagnosed with a UTI and was extremely dehydrated."
  • "As a father of a special needs child from birth, it is extremely difficult to gather urine.  Most cases the doctors office gives up and certain tests are never taken due to the difficulty of collection of the urine unless hospitalized." 



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The devil is in the details on this one. Early warning of UTI's would be very valuable. Dehydration is important too.

It is not clear exactly what they measure, or how accurate the measurements are as yet. Below is some information re this topic from their website, that may be useful. Seems like they need FDA 510K clearance, and that is in the future. So this is a future not yet available technology. Hope it all works. Sounds very promising.

The technology (copied from their website):

"Smart Diapers and Pixie Briefs contain reagents that interact with leukocytes (cells made by the immune system) and nitrites (byproducts of bacteria). They also have reagents that measure electrolyte concentration (a measure of hydration), and pH (alkalinity). These reagents react with urine and produce measurable color changes. They are not toxic and never come in direct contact with the skin – they are incorporated into the outermost layer, over the absorbent core and the inner liner. "

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