Researcher Memberships (Premium)

Premium access to the discussions of older adults for product developers and researchers.


For Developers of Products for Older Adults

What started out as a discussion club is turning out also to be a powerful tool for developers and researchers to conduct market research. Increasingly, we are tackling topics that are especially relevant for developers who are trying to create better products and services for older adults.

To listen to some of these researcher-focused discussions, members require a Researcher membership. These Researcher Memberships require a subscription fee.

Our Business Model

The proceeds from our premium memberships are used to help fund our ongoing research and the Longevity Explorer initiative. At present the costs of these programs exceed our revenues and are borne by our philanthropic investors. We are working on a business model in which future profits will be shared with those who participate in developing our content, including of course the Longevity Explorer community.


What Do You Get: Researcher Membership?


1. Access to all recent explorer discussions

This Premium Researcher Membership gives you access to all recent explorer discussions, including those premium discussions focused on:

  • exploring unmet needs that older adults have;
  • learning about the products older adults wish existed but don’t;
  • hearing about the details of products older adults imagine and brainstorm about;
  • discovering what older adults think is wrong with a diverse array of existing products and product categories; and
  • getting insights into topics like how older adults learn about technology; what they worry about most as they grow older; and what they see as obstacles to staying at home as the grow older.


2. Access to explorer discussion archives

You can access our discussion archives: the entirety of discussions curated over two years and over a hundred explorer circle meetings, from our community of several hundred older adults — typically aged between 70 and 95 years old. There are literally hundreds of discussion segments in our research archives covering a very broad range of topics.


3. Coming Soon (we hope)

Once we have a critical mass of Researcher Members we plan to add:

  • transcripts of the recordings so you can save time and money by scanning and copying key points before investing the time to listen to segments of audio recording to pick up nuances.



Sign up for Researcher Membership

  • Monthly: $45/mth. Paid monthly. 
  • Annual: $490 / year. Paid annually. 
  • First 30 days are free for either subscription type.

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