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Hi Frank and Cammie,
We're having the same issue with my grandma's Echo Show 10. I've walked through this article for set-up using a Google Voice number (THANK YOU so much for this article!!) but each time we try to make a video call from Grandma's Show to either my mom's or my sister's Alexa devices (they only have the app on their phones, they don't have Alexa devices themselves), it doesn't ring through - it goes directly to voicemail/leave a message after 2-3 seconds. They can call to her, and we can make mobile calls to their phones, but no luck video calling them. They've tried having the app open full-screen, no DND on, we've reset the devices, logged out/logged in...2 hours on Amazon's support chat and still no luck. Any other recommendations you'd try for this? Thank you!