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Hello Chitra, my fellow retired EE,

Unfortunately, Echo Show does not offer a “touchable picture” button. However, there is a feature that may work for your mom, but it requires TWO touches

On the Echo Show under Settings- Accessibility- enable Tap to Alexa. This will put a small “hand” on the screen that you can reposition.

Tap that on-screen button and Tap “Add New.” You can add an icon to cause Alexa to receive a command you would normally speak, such as “Alexa, call frank engelman’s alexa devices”

You can increase the button size so that only three appear when the “hand” is tapped.

If that is too difficult for her, consider using the “Custom Actions”  as described in this Alexa Routine article with a big Echo Button with your picture on it 

BTW, there is a way to change Alexa’s language under Settings- Device Options- Device Language