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I just got an Echo 5 for me and one for my Dad.  He has an Amazon account (I have access to it) but not a smart phone (though I could set up my old one for him).  He lives about 25 miles away and I visit often.  I plan to use the drop-in feature to video chat with him daily.

My question is this: Why would I want to set up his Echo on his own Amazon account rather than just putting it on mine?  He will never try to add or configure anything on it; that will be down to me.  I'm hoping he will play Jeopardy and other games but I doubt he will listen to music.  He might want to call his sister with it but she is in my contact list too. 

I'm quite tech-savvy but I'm looking for the easiest set-up to maintain, not the most flexible.  I've been Googling for a few days now and I'm more confused than ever!  Can someone just break down the pros and cons of sharing an account versus setting up two seperate accounts?  Thanks!