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Hello Elaine
The Echo Show 5 is a little different than the Echo Show 8 or Echo Show Gen 2 as it has TWO privacy switches.
On the top, to the left of the volume control, is one switch that is a toggle button that lights up red when the camera is disabled
On the top, to the right of the volume control, is a slider switch that changes to red when the camera is disabled
When you drop in on your Grandmother, if you don’t see her video, you should get a message “Remote Video off” below her name

Now as to why the calls are getting dropped after 15 seconds, that is a mystery.  Maybe weak Wi-Fi at her nursing home or someone is taping the screen and touching the “End” icon
If you want to see if “drop-in” is enabled on your grandmother’s Echo Show, you will need to log into her Alexa Account

On your mobile device, delete and re-install the Alexa app
•    Log in with your Grandmother’s Amazon account
•    Tap Devices
•    Tap Echo & Alexa
•    Tap on her Echo Show 5 name
•    Tap Communications
•    Be sure “Drop In” is enabled
•    Tap Communicate 
•    Tap on the “person” in upper right
•    Tap on her name
•    Under permissions- be sure “Allow Drop In” is on
•    Under “People who can drop in”- be sure your name is in there

Let me know if this solves the problem so I can share with others