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I set up an echo show 5 following your directions (which were very helpful) for my grandmother, who lives in a nursing home. I dropped it off yesterday, and had a staff member there assist with getting her connected to WiFi. I know she is connected, because I see “recently active” under her name in my contacts. However, when we try to either drop in or video call, in both cases, the call connects, but we see no video and have no microphone. The CNA that was with her made sure the switch for the camera was toggled to “on.” Every time, whether it is me or someone else who calls, the call/drop in ends after 15 seconds. Any idea why this would be happening? It is difficult to trouble shoot over the phone with my 95 year old grandmother, whose hearing aids are currently being fixed. Other family members have tried and had the same problem. Any advice?

Thank you!