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Hi Kathryn:

There are a few things to mention here:

1. Whether or not your parents are ATT customers is not relevant. The Philips system works with ATT but it does so using its own account and does not require your parents to do anything other than interact with Philips. There is no need for your parents to have an ATT account of their own. It does NOT use their cell phone account in any way.

2. The key issue with these products is that for them to work there needs to be a "signal" from the cell carrier that the product uses (in this case ATT). Just like you don't get cell phone reception everywhere, these pendants don't get reception everywhere. So if ATT's network does not have a strong signal inside your parents house, then the GoSafe 2 pendant will not work well in their house.

3. There is a solution to this however. The GoSafe (not the GoSafe 2) comes with the same pendant but also with a home "base station" (I think they call it a home communicator). This base station is designed to connect to the pendant when it is in the house. The base station can be set up to connect via the cell network or (I think) via a landline. This avoids the need for the pendant to connect via ATT in your house. But then when you go out and about it still works over the cell network.

So, ... if there is poor cell reception in your parents house, using the GoSafe instead of the GoSafe 2 might be the right answer.

Watch out you don't get steered toward the Philips "HomeSafe". This is a quite different product that works in the home but NOT when you leave the home.

Hope that helps.