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First, thanks for doing such a great job in trying to analyze and distill information that's useful for caregivers like myself.  

When I look at the GoSafe2 website, I'm assured that the product will work in and out of my parents' home "where the AT&T Wireless Network is available at the time of the alarm".

I'm going to call the company and ask this question, but wondered if I could get a more objective answer from you/all:  what does this really mean for people who are not AT&T customers?  My parents already had an unsuccessful experience with a company where I was told that AT& T service was 'dropping' and not penetrating their house somehow.  Their pendants wouldn't hold a charge and took forever and a day to charge in the first place.  The only times one of them was in contact with an operator was over false positives; no one had fallen.  Thank you!