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Mom had pre-existing motion detectors removed in the home we moved her to a house a mile away from my brother and sister-in-law once her mild-to-moderate dementia issues became clear. She's alert, sees well and notices things in her environment and she was not having any indoor monitoring.

We installed two outdoor Blink cameras - one looking at the driveway and another looking at the front door and sidewalk - basically to see when she was coming and going (she didn't want to give up driving, but has). That has worked out well except the mud-daubers want to nest behind the front door camera, thus setting it off at various times.

This month, she had a health crisis and now has a pacemaker. She's doing well since getting home (the medical people wanted to put her in Rehab, but we said - NO. COVID IS IN REHAB PLACES. REHAB AT HOME!

I'm introducing an Echo Show this week - my sister-in-law will have to help with the setup - I'm hoping she'll enjoy the easy video calls. I know people aren't fans of the Drop In feature, but we're going to set it up regardless.

The other option is to install a Blink camera indoors, but with a post-it over the camera, but the mostion sensor active, so we can at least know that she's around and about.

We'll wait on that until when we stop the 24x7 on site support. She's doing very well, so we're hopeful that won't need to continue.