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I want to express my gratitude you creating and publishing the creative methods that could be used to get up. I broke my left knee and right elbow. I live alone. The covid19 virus has everyone sheltering in place. I got dizzy and fell in a room that was empty except for a suitcase and the clothes within it. I used your inchworm technique to get to the suitcase. I took the clothes out. I pushed my shoulders up onto the suitcase and inched back until my torso was mostly on it. Pulled up to a sit. Rolled and folded the clothes and used your “book” method to get myself higher. Used my cane to grab onto the door jamb and hoisted myself up. Thank goodness I was carrying my phone with me and your video came up when I googled to get ideas. Since everyone is self-isolating and not going in to other’s houses, I couldn’t ask a neighbor to help and I didn’t want to waste time that First Responders could be using to help a covid patient.
So, thank thank thank YOU!

My best wishes to you and your families to stay healthy during this pandemic.