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Wow, I am having the same problem. We have sm heaters in every room but he wants to change the main one. 2 years ago we broke it bc he would turn it to 80 then I would turn it to 76, then he would turn it back to 86, then as the house became unceasingly hot I would change it back to 76. Although, he understands and agrees with the thermostat at 76, he still changes it then he says he has not touched it. It is very difficult bc once the house reaches temps of 80 and up it is difficult to get it back down. There are throw blancets every where around the house and I have his favorite long sleeves shirts available for him to put over his t-shirt, he just looks at it and refused to put it on or use a heavier blanket. I feel horrible and he feels mad at me bc I have locked the thermostat at 76. I am with him all the time but it only takes seconds such as when I leave the room to go to the bathroom. I return we cont watching tv and an hour later I am sweating and wondering what is goung on, before I go take a look at the thermostat I ask him " did you changed the temp? He looks directly at my face and says no. I have not touched it." I say ik well, let me see what is going on bc it is getting very hot, so I find the thermostat at 89 so clearly I set ot back to 76. Lol lol lol. He is so funny bc he is so good at fiving, it can drive me crazy but I just laugh and ask God for patience, cover him up and cuddle with him as he soons forgets about the thermostat.