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I was reading the Best lighted cane review you have on your website and I just wanted to let you know that the "Path-lighter Cane" and the "PathFinder Lighted Safety Cane" are different products but it seems like you combined them in your review.

I only comment because I have used both canes, and although parts of your assessment was accurate there are differences between the two. The "Path-lighter Cane" is flimsy, not adjustable at all and the grip is a hard plastic mold. however the batteries go in the handle and it doesn't need to be unscrewed. Overall, I kept feeling the cane bend and I felt like it would snap and was not confident the cane could support putting all my weight on it in a "catching myself from stumbling" situation.

The "PathFinder Lighted Safety Cane" has a thicker steel barrel and is adjustable from 34" to 38" with a much stronger weight capacity with no bending, the clear plastic part is thicker and shorter, the grip is a foam Handel. The unscrewing of the plastic section to replace the batteries is a bit of a pain, but I gladly accepts that pain for the sturdiness.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know, they are very different canes.

Thank you,