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Hearing Devices: What Works and Why

Hearing Explorers meet to share information on their devices, problem areas, and solutions.



Hearing Explorers: Device We Use

Hearing Explorers from across the country convene on Zoom via Tech-enhanced Life to compare the hearing devices they use or recommend for their own hearing loss and to learn about others.



Hear, Hear Ye: Talk on Hearing and Products

At the Dec 2021 hearing explorer meeting, explorer Steve Goldstein gave a talk on a wide variety of topics relating to hearing. See abstract and bio below.



Explorers Focus on Hearing Problems and Solutions

Longevity Explorers from across the country discuss their hearing problems and share their experiences, good and bad, with hearing technology as they continue to seek better solutions.



Explore Hearing Problems and Solutions

Hearing problems and some solutions were the focus of this virtual group meeting.



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This is a virtual group of older adults and friends, exploring the intersection of hearing and gadgets and technology.

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