Adaptive clothing that works: Freedom Wear.

We demand products and services developed especially for us!

..... and we're starting with the shirts on our backs!


Frustration wear

Frustration Wear

Just my style, but ....
difficult to put on ... 
impossible to fasten ... 
and a real struggle to take off.

Welcome to the Freedom Wear Circle — the place to share your "freedom wear / frustration wear" story.

We are looking for adaptive clothing solutions that work, and look nice. We might be older or have arthritis, but we don't want ugly "handicap clothing" or "clothes for seniors".

Adaptive clothing: hear the discussions.

Read and listen to the Longevity Explorers discussing arthritis clothing that works, helpful tools for challenges like doing up buttons, and unmet needs we would like to see solved. Feel free to comment or add your own Story.


Freedom wear clothing

Freedom Wear

Just my style, and ...
easy to put on ...
a breeze to take off ...
all by myself!

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This Circle

Do you, or does someone you love, struggle to get dressed and undressed by themselves?

We are the Freedom Wear Circle of the Longevity Explorers, and we are leading a movement to get clothing manufacturers to innovate and create clothing that is as fashionable as it is practical for those who have difficulty dressing themselves.

We are collecting stories, experiences, problems and “I wishes”......

.....that we can use to wake up the fashion world to the needs of all those who are faced with this challenge. The more input we get, the more power we will have as a movement to bring these products to market.