Better Aging: More Quality Life

Use our Curated Insights, Analysis, & Decision-support Tools to make the challenges of growing older less challenging. Spend more time doing what you love to do, and less time searching for solutions and worrying.


What you can do on this website

We provide insights, analysis, & decision support tools that help older adults improve their quality of life today; postpone the day when functional decline gets in the way of living life to the full; and live independently for longer. 

On this website you can do four things. Learn, Prepare, Overcome and Decide.


Learn about the challenges of aging and how others tackle them. To start you can browse the Better Aging Library.

Take Action: Prepare

For the planners and preparers among us, our team of citizen analysts and clinicians is assembling the best insights we can find on a series of important topics relating to aging.

Take Action: Overcome

Hear older adults discuss challenges they have experienced as part of growing older, and ways they have compensated for those challenges with new products or services or other work-arounds. Get ideas you can use today for your aging parent or for you.

Take Action: Decide.

Our citizen evaluators & analysts perform independent, objective analysis of emerging products targeted for the needs of older adults. We provide decision-support tools, based on that in-depth analysis, that help you select the right product or resource for your specific life circumstance.

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We did the research so you don't have to

Our tools and insights are designed to help you find the answers you need, when you need them, without investing hours and hours trawling through company websites and blogs; without the need for deep technical understanding of how various products work; and at far less cost than hiring an expert consultant.

Our content is developed in part by a community of older adults & their friends and families, who have first hand experience of the challenges of growing older. Then our in house analyst team adds a layer of curation, organization, and additional deep technical analysis where appropriate.

The result: Insights that are personalized, relevant, and actionable. 

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