Hands-on Workshop: Home Sensor Systems


We are running a workshop on Home Sensor Systems on Wed July 15th. It is designed to go a step beyond the recent book on this topic, and provide actionable, personalized, hands-on support to people wanting to decide whether they want one of these systems, and if so which one would be right for them.

Telepresence Robots and Aging Parents: Next AIP Meetup


The focus of our next Aging in Place Technologies Meetup (Jan 21) is Robots, Virtual Visits, & Aging Parents. 

We are holding it at the Beam store in Palo Alto, and during the Unconference portion of the evening we will be interacting with some of our members who will be beaming in via the BEAM virtual presence robots. The talk for the evening will be Aging Parents, Robots, & Virtual Visits: My Maker Project, by Richard Caro.

Talk: Home that Watches over your Parents


Richard Caro and Mary Hulme are talking at the Commonwealth Club (SF) on Jan 8th about their research trying to understand the new product category of Activity-tracking Home Sensor Systems.

Gerontologist Talks: So Much More Can Be Done


At our next Aging in Place Technologies Meetup (Nov. 12th), gerontologist Ira Kurtz will be talking on the topic of the many opportunities he sees for improving quality of life in retirement homes.

Longevity Collective Research Report Published


Two of our Longevity Collective members spent a lot of time and energy earlier this year conducting a research study about a new category of products called Activity-tracking Home Sensor Systems. The authors (Mary Hulme and Richard Caro) decided that they had learned a lot about these products, and that in fact there was rather a lot to know if you wanted to pick the right product for a given set of life circumstances, and that it made sense to share this knowledge with the world. 

Longevity Explorers: Experimental Co-creation Community


Richard Caro will discuss “An experimental co-creation community called the Longevity Collective”: at The Sequoias, San Francisco on Sept. 25. This event is sponsored by Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services, and is open to the public.