Hands-on Workshop: Home Sensor Systems

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We are running a workshop on Home Sensor Systems on Wed July 15th. It is designed to go a step beyond the recent book on this topic, and provide actionable, personalized, hands-on support to people wanting to decide whether they want one of these systems, and if so which one would be right for them.

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When & Where:

Where: Redwood City Tech Shop.

When: Wed July 15, 2015. Starts at 6pm.


About the workshop

Richard Caro and Mary Hulme recently wrote a book about a new category of home sensor systems designed to help keep older adults safe at home and to help their families to worry less about them.

This workshop, run by Richard Caro, goes one step further than the book, and provides actual hands-on, personalized decision support and guidance.

The workshop is designed so you can leave with answers to these two questions.

  1. Does one of these new products makes sense for you and/or your parents?
  2. If so, which one should you choose?


Learn more about the research behind this workshop

View "Caring from Afar Research Project"


About Dr. Richard Caro

Dr. Caro’s work focuses on the intersection of healthcare, aging and technology. He is co-founder of Tech-enhanced Life.  He has broad experience in high tech companies in Boston and Silicon Valley (as both CEO and CTO), and is a former member of the research staff at Stanford. Dr. Caro has a Ph.D in Physics from Oxford University and is the co-author of Caring from Afar: A Guide to Home Sensor Systems. To learn more, view his recent presentation at the Commonwealth Club.

View Richard's bio here: Richard Caro






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