Gerontologist Talks: So Much More Can Be Done

Ira Kurtz

By: the Editorial Team.  Updated: April 28, 2020.


At our next Aging in Place Technologies Meetup (Nov 12th), gerontologist Ira Kurtz will be talking on the topic of the many opportunities he sees for improving quality of life in retirement homes.


From his years as a leader in the field of gerontology and long term care administration, Ira Kurtz is familiar with the shortfalls of the state of the art in meeting the quality of life needs in retirement homes. He will discuss how, now more than ever, entrepreneurs, engineers and technology can step up to fill some of those needs.

Spreaker Bio: Ira Kurtz

Ira Kurtz earned a B.A. in Political Science, and M.A. in Health Sciences Administration at George Washington University. Ira has held administrator, executive director, and regional director positions in long term care for over thirty years, and as a gerontologist has been a leader in the field of healthcare administration. He is now self-employed, and is caring for his 91-year old mother, familiarizing him with many of the special needs of older adults.

Event details

Wed. Nov. 12th, 6.30 pm -9.00pm

Tech-shop Mid-Peninsula (San Carlos, CA).

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