Longevity Explorers at Aging 2.0 OPTIMIZE


Richard Caro will be talking about some of the results from Tech-enhanced Life’s Longevity Explorer initiative at the Aging 2.0 Conference next Friday Oct. 14th 2016.

Personal Emergency Response System Podcast


Dr. Leslie Kernisan recently recorded an interview with Dr. Richard Caro about his hands-on evaluations of personal emergency response systems. This is an in-depth interview and touches on some of the more interesting, and less well known aspects of this category of products, also often called medical alert systems.

Medication Management Technology Talk


Dr. Renfro and Dr. Caro gave a joint talk on “Medication Management Technology in Alzheimer’s Disease” at the 2016 American Society on Aging meeting. 

Webinar: Emergency Response Systems for Older Adults


This webinar is designed to share our learnings thus far about emergency response systems; to introduce people to our PERS selection tool, which is currently in “alpha trials”; and to give you an opportunity to ask questions or suggest additional things we should explore in the remainder of our work.