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By: the Editorial Team.  Updated: April 28, 2020.


Dr Leslie Kernisan recently recorded an interview with Richard Caro about his hands-on evaluations of personal emergency response systems. This is an in-depth interview and touches on some of the more interesting, and less well known aspects of this category of products, also often called medical alert systems.

You can listen to this recorded interview by going to the podcast page below:
Listen to Dr Caro and Dr Kernisan discuss personal emergency response systems.

What they discuss:

Here is the summary Dr. Kernisan created to describe the podcast:

Dr. K talks with Richard Caro, PhD, a co-founder of Tech-Enhanced Life, PBC., who recently spent several months testing out wearable medical alert systems. They discuss:

  • What Richard learned through hands-on testing of several different personal emergency response systems (PERS)
  • Key PERS features to consider before buying, including who will respond when the alert is triggered and whether the responder can be heard through the pendant versus the base station
  • The pros and cons of automatic fall-detection
  • How to see past the marketing and learn more about different PERS features, in order to select the right PERS for you
  • Whether there are any stylish and attractive wearable alert systems available for sale in the US
  • Why Richard and his colleagues founded Tech-Enhanced Life, PBC


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