Resource for Product Developers: Longevity Explorers

By: the Editorial Team.  Updated: April 28, 2020.


The next in our webinar series about how product developers can benefit from the insights of our Longevity Explorer community will be on Fri Dec 9th.

In this week's webinar we will be introducing a way for innovators to get rapid structured feedback about how close they are to having achieved problem-solution fit.


The Longevity Explorers are a group of several hundred older adults, who want to help product developers create better products for older adults.

This webinar is to introduce the Longevity Explorers and explain who we are, how we work, and how we can help. The webinar is for innovators who can benefit from inputs from older adults.

Come to this webinar to learn how we can help bring to market products that older adults really need, want, and will pay for.

There is a limit to how many people can attend the webinar, so please reserve your seats early.







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