Amazon Online Grocery Shopping with VoiceView

Amazon has developed a simplified grocery shopping system that works very well with their Echo Show devices with a built-in touch screen. I wanted to see if it would work for people with poor vision. The results were good.

Online Grocery Delivery for those with Low Vision

Online Grocery Delivery for those with Low Vision

You are experiencing problems ordering groceries online from apps that are not designed for a person who is blind or has low vision. Even when you tried screen readers such as Apple VoiceOver, you found that using it to read entire web pages designed for sighted persons very frustrating.

Voice Reminder App Review

I wanted a solution to “forgetting” things I had put in the calendar. I found a useful app to help with this, and here is a review of it. Like many of us, my day to day living is largely reliant on a calendar, via my iPad, iPhone or Android smart phone, to notify me when … Read more

Exploring Grandparent Apps

Grandparent apps: exploring

By Explorers: Susan Karplus, Lynn Davis, John Milford, Rich Selph. Dec. 2020.   “Once you are a grandparent, almost nothing seems as important as interacting with your grandkids, and helping them and their parents as much as you can.” But, if you can’t visit, or live a long way away, how do you maintain the … Read more

Magic Carpet Apps for That

Magic Carpet Apps

As I mentioned in the introduction to “My Internet Enabled Life, you can see the world while sitting at your PC in your own house or apartment. Here is a list of websites that offer an amazing assortment of places to visit, theater performances to watch, TV series, and movies.   

More on Video Games – Xbox

Wishing for new sights and sounds, I purchased an Xbox One X this week. Realizing that I was more into games in the 1980's and have been left far behind since, it's quite a leap to try the Star Wars game that was included in my package. Space Invaders and PacMan were all the rage … Read more

Low Vision App Overview

Low Vision Apps for iPhone and Android

Here is an overview of useful Apps for people with Low Vision. This is a companion piece to the article by Marlena Chu from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry on Low Vision Aids. It includes Apps for the iPhone and for Android devices. This overview was collated by Ashley Katsikos, OD, and updated by Marlena Chu, OD. … Read more

Best Art Apps for Adult Learners

Anyone for Tennis, by Caroline Mustard

Art: “Anyone for Tennis” by Caroline Mustard using iPad Pro, the Procreate App and the Apple Pencil.   How to Transform your Mobile Device into a Digital Canvas or Sketchbook! I’ve been teaching people, especially those close to my own age, how to use their iPads, iPhones and Android devices creatively since I fell in … Read more