Games for Seniors: Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go: Games for Seniors

Pokémon Go is a new App (Game) has taken the world by storm. This article suggests it could be a great Game for Seniors, helping to encourage healthy exercise. The article (plus video) explains what Pokemon Go is, and how one plays it.

Best Pill Reminder App: Explorer Choice

Best Pill Reminder App

We set out to pick the best pill reminder app to share with the explorers in our Useful Apps Club. We found two apps we want to recommend, each of which is good for a slightly different life situation. This article describes which features we selected as important and why; summarizes the results of our … Read more

Pill Reminder Apps we Ruled Out

Pill Reminder Apps we eliminated

  In a recent analysis of pill reminder apps, we had cause to examine 22 apps that helped in one way or another with medication management. Read our analysis, and see the Apps we preferred for managing medication here. There were a number of the 22 Apps which we felt fell short in various ways, … Read more

How to Use the Medisafe App

How to use Medisafe

A lesson of The Useful Apps Club Lesson Objective In this lesson you will learn how to set up and use the Medisafe iPhone App (application) to remind you to take a medication on time. We will also touch on a few other features of the Medisafe app. Most of the steps are illustrated with … Read more

Best Medical Alert App: Bake-off

Best Medical Alert App: Comparison testing

We set out to find the best medical alert app for our Longevity Explorers who wanted to use their smartphone as a medical alert system. We focused on monitored medical alerts, found only three that looked promising enough to test, and did extensive, hands-on, comparison testing. One App emerged as far superior to the others. … Read more

Driving, Ride-Hailing, & Transportation Apps

Getting around apps for seniors and older adults

  Being free to get from one place to another when you want is a very important ingredient of an independent life. We think there are some Apps that can make that easier and more convenient.    “Getting Around” is the first theme we are exploring in our “Useful Apps for Older Adults” initiative. It … Read more

Get A Ride Anywhere – New Options for Older Adults

rideshare app comparisons

This article is about some exciting new alternatives that make getting from point A to point B by car much easier than in the past for those who don’t want to, or are not able to, just jump in their own car. New alternatives for getting around are especially important for older adults, who have … Read more

How to use Uber, the ride sharing App

how to use uber app

We think ride sharing App’s like Uber are a great new resource that can help older adults get around more easily. This article (with videos) will describe how to get a ride using the Uber smart phone application, after first downloading the App and setting it up. You can see a comparison of several of … Read more

Rideshare App Comparison

Best Rideshare App

This analysis is the more detailed comparison of rideshare apps that we used to make our recommendations in the companion article entitled “Get a Ride Anywhere: New Options for Older Adults”. In this work we set out to find the best rideshare app for older adults. We looked at Uber and Lyft primarily, but also considered … Read more

Useful Apps: Older Adults, Seniors & Boomers

Useful Apps for Seniors and Boomers

This is the homepage for Tech-enhanced Life’s Curated Collection of Useful Apps for Older Adults, Seniors & Boomers. We believe that smartphone Apps have huge potential to improve the quality of life of older adults. But most Apps are developed for 20 year olds, and are not necessarily ideal for older adults. We have a research … Read more