More on Video Games – Xbox

Wishing for new sights and sounds, I purchased an Xbox One X this week.

Realizing that I was more into games in the 1980's and have been left far behind since, it's quite a leap to try the Star Wars game that was included in my package.

Space Invaders and PacMan were all the rage when I was playing at the time. Oh, and the text game "Adventure" as well as variations on "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Since, I've been looking for "relaxing games" and "non-violent games" and combining this with multiplayer in the keywords.

AppleTV had Butter Royale – which I defintely enjoy even though it's a shooter. Available on Mac devices as well.

Looking into Fortnite as I understand this has been all the rage for the past several years.

There's one by the creators of Myst that looks interesting "Obduction."

Are you a senior gamer? Do you have any favorites to share?  I'll update with my observations as I explore the Xbox library.