Don't let growing older get in the way.

Welcome to the Longevity Collective, and to Tech-enhanced Life. Our goal is to harness the "power of the crowd", and the latest technology: to help older adults live better for longer, and to help their families worry about them less.

Use our Curated Insights, Analysis, & Decision-support Tools to make the challenges of growing older less challenging. Spend more time doing what you love to do, and less time searching for solutions and worrying.

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Older Adult?

Live independently as long as possible

More quality life

Members can access tools and insights designed to help older adults:

  • improve their quality of life today;
  • postpone the day when functional decline gets in the way of living life to the full;
  • live independently for longer.

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Older Parents?

Aging parents: Worry less

Worry less. Help them more.

Use our tools & insights to do a better job of helping your parents as they age.

Spend more time enjoying their company, or taking care of other responsibilities, and less time researching topics like emergency response pendants, hearing aids, living wills, and all those topics you never thought you would need to learn about.

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Make a Difference.

Longevity Collective

Co-create the future of aging.

Join the Longevity Collective to be part of a movement to make the process of growing older better.

  • collaborate with your peers to make a difference;
  • share and discuss challenges of aging that need to be solved;
  • identify and evaluate the best available solutions;
  • help new and better solutions get developed.

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