Solution: Magnetic Connector or Wireless Charging: Less Dexterity Required

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: September 04, 2020.


The Problem: Hand Tremor: Obstacle to Charging "Devices"

A family friend is having problems keeping his iPad charged as he has recently developed hand tremors and is unable to plug in the power cable..... More about the Problem


Solution: Magnetic Connector or Wireless Charging: Less Dexterity Required


Magnetic Connectors

If your fingers have limited dexterity, making those connections can still be a problem. One solution is to use the magnetic style connectors for phones and tablets that can replace Apple Lightning, USB-C, or USB-micro type with a simple magnetic connection.

magnetic connector

When choosing this type of connector, be sure to get one that holds very strongly. I also recommend the "round" type as it can connect without having the "line-up."


Charging on a Stand

Something that Android phone users and more recently iPhone users have enjoyed is the wireless QI charging that allows them to place their phone on a stand and have it start charging. Even owners of phones without built-in wireless charging have been able to add it through an external plug-in sleeve

wireless phone charging station

wireless charging 2


Wireless Charging of Tablets is a Problem

However, except for the GrandPad, Amazon Fire HD Plus tablet, and Huawei MatePad Pro, which have built-in wireless charging, there has been no advertised means of charging tablets.

Several hobbyists have published articles showing the use of phone QI receivers on their iPad, but Nillkin PowerHold is the first complete system I have found.

Here is the system I tested… and it works!


Evaluating the Nillkin PowerHold

This wireless charger was tested on the devices below using these products:



  • Samsung TAB s5e
  • Samsung TAB A 8.4
  • Apple iPad Pro (2018)


Charging equipment

Links below go to Amazon [affiliate links], where you can see the equipment used in this solution.


As expected, wireless charging is a little slower, but the tradeoff of not having to make any connections makes it worthwhile. I suggest charging the tablet in a vertical orientation as it is more balanced on the stand

wireless tablet charging


If the tablet case is thin, the wireless receiver sleeve will work inside the case.

wireless tablet charging 2


However, if the case is thick, the wireless receiver must be installed on the outside

wireless tablet charging 3


I also added a "nail file" to balance the thicker case, and I used Gorilla Tape to hold down the wireless receiver to the back of the thick case


One problem that I ran into is that the wireless charging receiver cable length is too short to allow charging of a tablet in the horizontal mode. On the Apple iPad Pro 2018, the power lead length is a little longer.

cabling issue 1

cabling issue 2


But still not enough to charge in a horizontal mode

cabling issue 3


However, both will charge adequately in a vertical mode

tablet charging

wireless tablet charging in action


While vertical charging mode is acceptable for a phone, the manufacturer should make the power lead longer allowing tablet charging in a horizontal mode.

charged tablet


Wireless charging at work!



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