Hand Tremor: Obstacle to Charging "Devices"

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: September 17, 2021.


Problem description

A family friend is having problems keeping his iPad charged as he has recently developed hand tremors and is unable to plug in the power cable.


Background Story

One of the nagging problems of a smartphone or tablet is keeping it charged.



The power connection types have improved from the old Apple "one-way-only" type Apple 15-pin connector to the current Apple lightning connector on phones and some tablets or USB C "any-way" connections on some Apple tablets.

connector 1


connector 2



In the same manner, Android phones have progressed from the "one-way-only" USB-micro connectors to USB-C connectors on phones and tablets.

connector 3

connector 4

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This is part of a series of "Problems" and DIY Technology "Solutions" to the challenges faced by older adults, by Frank Engelman. 



Suggested Solutions

Magnetic Connector or Wireless Charging: Less Dexterity Required

If your fingers have limited dexterity, making those connections can still be a problem. One solution is to use the magnetic style connectors for phones and tablets that can replace Apple Lightning, USB-C, or USB-micro type with a simple magnetic connection.

But I wanted to find a way to use wireless charging to charge tablets, and here is a solution I found.





from Tsing Bardin (unverified) at October 05, 2020

I would like to know what "DIY" stand for. Thanks.


from faengelm (member) at October 06, 2020

DIY = Do It Youself  (See WikiPedia)

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